What is Vacubrasion?

Vacubrasion is a novel new at home microdermabrasion machine. This new device easily helps everyone to access microdermabrasion at home without buying expensive machines and equipment. This new at-home microdermabrasion kits often can provide the same or better depth of skin abrasion and  remove the dead skin cells by vacuuming as professional microdermabrasion. Basically, fine diamond abrasive particles and suction  help gingerly abrade the skin and remove surface cells to achieve the result of skin smoothening.

How is Vacubrasion less expensive than microdermabrasion creams?

Many microdermabrasion at-home creams cost $10-$95, which usually provides about 20-30 treatments, while some can be over $100. Once the jar is used up, so is your initial investment. These creams often use the aluminum oxide crystals or other sand-like fine debris to help manually exfoliate the skin. Multiple vendors, including L’Oréal, offer a microdermabrasion cream kit for average of $10-$30.

How is Vacuubrasion less expensive than other home microdermabrasion machines?

Vaccubrasion  It is made of durable, simple stainless steel parts that need no to little upkeep and can even be periodically rinsed off in the sink. Vacubrasion does not require expensive machines that break easily and require purchasing extra parts. Mini home microdermabrasion units are sold commercially and retail from $150-$350.

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